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Self publishing software is a miracle of the 21st century

Are you a writer with lots of talent but no one will give you the time of day never mind a contract? Would you pay a professional publisher to make your book but that’s out of your budget it? Do you need a better tool than your plain old word processor to make your work look more professional and enticing? Are you endowed with special knowledge that if packaged in a book could make you millions? Well fret no more your answer is very available to you now in the form of self publishing software tools! And they work just great.

These tools are electronic publishers that produce professional grade quality at a fraction of the price that it costs a traditional publisher to produce a book. They produce the work in the form of a PDF file which can be sent with an email, saved onto any form of memory storage media, downloaded onto your website, or others. This is thousands of times more convenient than traditional publishing efforts and again at a very small fraction of the cost.

The software is easy to use, designed to be used by a person with a 2nd grade level computer IQ. In other words, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how to work it. A person can become proficient at using the program and start writing in a matter of hours. Yes, you heard me right… you can have the necessary tools and be writing that book that you have been waiting a long time for in a matter of a few hours. Self publishing is a beautiful thing and I’m just getting started.

When I said a fraction of the price of a typical publisher I only meant for one book. But think about it, you would have to continue to pay each time your next book came out which multiplies that fee over and over and over. But you only have to pay for the self publishing software once. And it’s very reasonably priced; it’s there on your computer with you all the time, at your beckoned call for life. Now that’s what I call a deal.

The last benefit of self publishing that I’m going to share (not even close to the last benefit there is) is the true freedom of speech that you retain when you buy this self publishing tool. What I’m referring to really is the editing process which for those who have already been published knows can be a savage process. Basically anything that you write is at the mercy of the publishing editor when you go the traditional route. But if you publish your own work it stays as you want it which is the way it should be. That’s all I gonna say about that, but if you want to know more just fling me an email.

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